I am so excited; and my patience is paying off finally. I have gotten interviews at 2 of the 3 schools I have applied to. I hope to hear from the 3rd school, well,.....as soon as they call me, just like with the other 2. It's a hard wait but there is nothing I can do to speed it up besides what I have already done, which is send in a complete application packet, and call to politely inquire whether or not they got my application, etc.

So far, one interview in Nov., and one in Dec. Then there will be another wait after the interviews....... I'm not excellent at being patient, but in this situation, there is absolutely nothing to do about it, and one goes on with one's life.

I'm not too worried about the interviews, partly because of previous experience with quite a few interviews in my past, and partly because of the excellent thread on this site regarding interviews. Thanks to everyone who posted there. Ain't the 'Net wonderful??!!