I have been accepted into Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences in Orlando, and am still milling over my decision. (I am deciding between here and Barry Univ). I did not have the opportunity to speak with any current students during the interview process, and was hoping to gain a little more insight from their prespective...

How are you enjoying the program?
How are the clinicals going? getting enough cases? good variety?
How accessible are the instructors?
Any major bumps/hurdles that I should be aware of? ( granted, I expect there to be some with a new program)
Would you choose FHCHS again if you had to do it all over again?
Do you feel you are being well prepared?
What is the final student project?

I would appreciate any thoughts/advice you had to offer. I realize that Barry Univ has successful track record, which I find attractive. But Barry is more expensive. And if they are created equal, then why not FHCHS?

Thanks again, I look forward to hearing your comments!