Hello, my name is Collin (or Minimoose) and I just graduated high school this year from Arlington High School in Lagrangeville, NY with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. I will be attending Mount Saint Mary College this fall semester to start my journey to become a CRNA. I plan on getting my DNAP afterward, even though I will likely be grandfathered in with just the Master's, I'd like to keep up with all the younger CRNAs that come in after the program is shifted to a doctorate. (For job security reasons :] )

My question: I was accepted into the Honors program at MSMC because of my high SAT and placement test scores, and I was just wondering if accepting and following through with the Honors program in college will make me more appealing when I apply for CRNA schools.

Quick replies are appreciated, I intend to become a more integral part of these forums when time permits, but the deadline of acceptance into the program is tomorrow!!! Thank you in advance!