Hi everyone!!

Thanks for all of the great threads about the journey to get to Anesthesia School. There is a TON of great information that will help all of us wannabes!!

However, right now I'm looking for some input...I am a Flight Nurse and as part of the QI/ Standards Committee at my program, we as nurses are responsible (along with our Medical Director, of course) for reviewing and revising our practice guidelines based on current research. My current project is our guideline on Etomidate and it's correlation to adrenal insufficiency, even possibly after one dose during RSI. I tried to post this in the SRNA forum, but since I'm not one (YET!!), I'll give it a whirl here. I'm sure there are some other Flight Nurses around here...what is your practice? It also seems that there are a number of CRNA's and SRNA's that keep a watchful eye on the wannabes over here.

So let me know what you guys have seen, heard, read, and all of that. I've done a pretty extensive lit search and know a bit about what's out there, but would love any input from you all!