Okay so here is my question....

I realize there are numerous threads but I couldn't find the answer to my question so I am throwing it out here fishing for some advice.

I have all the Stafford and GradPlus loans secured for my first year of school and I also have secured a couple of Private loans and I am good to go for this year. My concern is about getting extra money from a Private loan to tuck away for the second year before I quit working but I started thinking and now I wonder if that will mess me up for getting Stafford and Gradplus next year.

What would you all do or what did you do? I have heard many say get as much as you can up front but do I put that I want it for the first year (Aug 2008-May 2009) or am I honest and say that it is for the second year and if I do that do I stand to lose any federally guaranteed loans?

I start my program in 3 weeks, quit working in 2 weeks and obviously will start stressing in less than a week or so!!:yikes:

Thanks for any advice, just don't want to slip and let the opportunity get away from me to get the money but don't wanna screw anything up or do anything premature either and regret it later..