Tomorrow is my final shift in the ICU. I am using up the remainder of my vacation time before I start CRNA school in September. Yee Hoo! Now I will spend the next month with my nose in the books since my program has already given us reading asssignments and a med list to memorize.

Here's a short list of things I won't be missing in the ICU:

1. Dead skin flakes bouncing off the air mattresses (onto me) when I hit "instaflate."
2. Two impatient docs screaming for stat orders on separate patients at exactly the same time.
3. Family members who refuse to follow the ICU policy rules and lug thier small children into MRSA rooms while I'm busy caring for another patient.
4. Excessive poo duty also makes the short list.
5. Fighting with the stepdown floor nurse to finally accept my transfer (who has had an assigned bed for 3 hours) since she hasn't had a break yet. Um, excuse me, but I also have not taken a break and my trauma patient will be here in 15 minutes.
5. Glug, glug, glug, splash! (sound of NG canister contents getting dumped into the toilet for I&O's) after the splash, note green slimey goo line on my scrub pant.

This is all in humor, of course. I could compile a huge list of things I love about the ICU. I work in a great place with a plethora of smart and wonderful nurses. It's just that I'm thrilled to be moving on to the "next stage" which makes this last shift a bit of a threshold crossing for me.