Hello everyone.... I'll try to make it brief...
I've lately taken an interest in learning more about CRNA
careers. I have a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and will be attending an accelerated nursing program in January that would allow me to potentially be an RN in one year (option of master's after that). I'm of course not positive that being a CRNA is my goal, for I'm not yet a nurse and have no experience, but I'm interested.

My problem is that I have a crummy undergrad gpa 2.93 ..... I had a "dark age" during a few of my college years-took some engineering classes and totally got off course-can't change the past. I am a strong science student and have mostly A's and few A- in chemistry 1and2, biology 1and2, genetics, A&P 1and2, Microbiology and O Chem grades A- and Bplus. I also have taken courses after graduating to fulfill requirements for the nursing program and have gotten all A's. However, there are some embarrassing grades on the undergrad record such as Biology of the Brain: D . I apologize for boring you with random grades on my transcript- just trying to paint the picture.

I'm specifically interested in the New Britain School right now. Does anyone have any feedback regarding my situation? Anyone attending New Britain? I still will have all the grades for my nursing program next year, and I'm confident that I will do very well. I emailed the program director and she stated that the nursing grades are of a lower priority than the science grades since its a masters in science. This is totally understandable, but makes me really worried about some of those awful grades in bio of the brain and ecology.
Can I escape my past?

I also wanted to know how strict schools are, particularly NBSNA, with outdated course work. Looks like Ochem and chem may be right at the cut off for the ten year period, or even 11 years. If I had to retake them could I do it online, or do I have to do the whole classroom and laboratory thing again?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. As I stated earlier, I can't know for sure that I will pursue the CRNA path; I'll need to do more research and shadow CRNAs first.. It does sound exciting though, and I like to know where I stand and be prepared.

Thanks again