I am currently in nursing school and it will be at least six years before I apply to CRNA school, but I figure it's never too early to start planning things out. Basically, I would of course like to be as competitive as possible and because of this I need to get some information.

I'm currently in an LPN program and then moving on to my RN from there. I just needed something to have a handle on a decent job. For the first three or four quarters, I slacked off really bad and didn't apply myself. Because of that, it dropped my first quarter GPA of 3.76 to a 2.79. I will be at a 3.1 when I leave this program with my LPN and transfer schools. When I transfer, my GPA is going to basically disappear since they don't accept transfer credit from technical colleges. So, here are my questions.

1. When I apply to the new school, three classes will be credited to me since I will have my LPN. However, they won't be transfered from my college that I am attending now. Because of this, will I need to provide a transcript from this school or do I need to only provide a transcript from the college I get my BSN from?

2. To be competitive, what should I aim for? I knew what to aim for when I thought about being an MD, but I don't know here. What GRE score is pretty much a "you'll get in with a good GPA." What GPA will be competive? What science GPA?

3. Should I try to get my MSN before applying to the CRNA program? I could always work in ICU for two years while I am getting my MSN, but would that take away any of my CRNA school load?

Please also provide any other additional information that you can think of.