I'm interested in applying to Kaiser-P Anesthesia at Cal-State Fullerton.

I watched the info video and it definitely looks like alot of travel for clinicals. Curious how long each of these sites rotation typically is and how does housing work while at these sites. Surely there isn't commuting every day 100+ miles from home base in Pasadena/Fullerton.

How long is the Hawaii assignment and does everyone go there as well or only the top students?

Any negatives about the program I should know about?

They mention community service on the video. How much have you all found that they want of this?

What are the chances of acceptance assuming you exceed all qualifications but your ICU experience isn't from a Level I teaching hospital? Level II here and no MD residencies.

How much can I expect to spend for rent for myself if I do and do not get a roommate during the program?