I have been accepted already at another school and have been plannning to attend that school already. However, I recently received an invite to interview at Duke University, which I am stoked about of course

there is a dilemma of course, I would be uprooting myself to an entirely different state, leaving everyone and everything i know behind if I was of course to be lucky enough to be offered a spot. I have already accepted a position in another school and I am just confused... I m sure I sound like I am rambling, I just dont know what to do?? I dont know anything about Duke's program nor have read anything about it. just assuming its good due tothe "reputation" of duke. Is there anyone that has attended duke's program that would be willing to provide me some feedback? Do you have to share cases with MD residents?
Is it going to be worth more in the end to have a degree from Duke or wont it matter?

Sorry to have rambling...ANY input would be great! thanks all in advance!