Hi Everyone:

For the last few days I have been reading the threads about SDN on this site as well as the SDN site. To be honest, I am appalled at the posts on SDN. I have to ask... are the posts on SDN overwhelmingly representative of the attitudes towards CRNAs of MDAs and SDs? I am already worried enough about getting into and then surviving school let alone having to deal with this type of backlash. The hospital where I shadowed a CRNA, all of the MDAs were very supportive and as a matter of fact, one told me that they are all anesthetists and make no distinction between CRNA, AA, and MDA. Of course I am not that naive to think that it is like this every where, but it seems to me that SDN if full of pompous, arrogant, cry babies who are afraid that I might keep them from being able to buy that Porche they have been dreaming about.

And the personal attacks go beyond unprofessionalism (is that even a word?). I can't even describe how I feel at the moment. But for all of you experienced CRNAs, do you have trouble at work or while you were in school from people like this? SDN would almost lead me to believe that all MDAs feel this way. Please tell me this is not the case. I wish I could join AANA now!


Oh... and by the way... I'm not afraid to use my real name, because I would never feel compelled to hide my identity. The cowards on SDN seem to think otherwise.