So, I was hoping to gather some opinions from the forum members here, especially those that have applied and been accepted to this program or even others regarding my chances.

Due to my family situation I am unable to relocate my family or even me being away geographically for 2+ years from my wife and kids isn't a viable option. That said, I will be applying to Texas Wesleyan for Fall 2009 start date as they have what appears to be a great distant clinical site program. I would only have to be in Ft. Worth for 4 months for the 1st semester and then I could theoretically do clinicals and future class work near my home in Colorado. It seems as though this program is one of the largest in terms of #'s of students accepted (120+ if memory serves). I'm curious what my chances are based on the following:

CRNA/MDA shadow time: 80 hours
Military medical experience: 9+ years active duty and 1 year reserve as an ASCP certified Medical Laboratory Technician;
Great letters of Recommendation: M.D., Chairperson for nursing school with a D.N.S., CRNA, and ICU supervisor
Nursing GPA: 3.795
Science GPA: 3.7
Cumulative GPA: 3.121
(this is counting classes since I first started college back in 1991 and I BOMBED a # of them my freshman and sophomore year). Since then I haven't gotten below a B+ on any class. I didn't bomb any nursing classes. I have roughly 160+ sem hours accumulated.
GRE: Assume 1000-1100 (taking in Sept)
CCRN: Assume I have it effective September of this year
Years in nursing: 1 year 5 months at application turn in ; 2 years 1 month at start of program
ICU experience: 1 yr 5 months at application turn in; 2 years 1 month at start of program
BSN in nursing with minor in Psychology

Thanks for the help. I really hate putting all my eggs in one basket but it appears to be the only option for me at this point.