Hi everyone, I'm going to be starting my 16-month RN program in January. This will be my second Bachelors degree with the first being business. I'm interested in being an Anesthetist in the future. I know I'm thinking far into the future (thats just what I do), but I live out west and there seem to be very few programs out this direction. I am wondering if there is a place where I could find information about new Anesthetist Programs at universities being created? I want to have a few programs I can apply to if thats what I decide I want to do later.

Side note: I'm making sure my grades are high (4.0) currently and hopefully I can continue that, but what else can I do to prepare myself for the application process. I feel even if I didn't want to become a CRNA I would still want to do intensive care. During the nursing program is it common for the student to find a employeer willing to train them in critical care nursing immediately following graduation? Thanks!