OK. I have had a wonderful 4th of July weekend as I hope that all of you did. I found out on thursday that I have been accepted to a program in Michigan, starting in January '09. I need a little input. . .

This program has not graduated a class yet.

My class (class of 2011) will be the second class

I have heard only good things about the director from the students who were available on the day of the interview, but have very little other information.

I have interviews scheduled with other schools for January '09 starts, and I plan to go to them.

My question: What are the inherent risks associated with attending a program this fresh? What do I need to watch out for? Has anyone gone to a start up program? How was it?

I know that every new program is different, but I'm freakin out over here about this. . .

Otherwise I am happy as hell that I know I'll be starting in January!

Continued thanks to all of you for making some great posts that have served to be very useful, and I'm sure will be more so in the future.