New to the boards but have been lurking in the shadows for a while...

I'm currently in my last year of nursing school and have been a paramedic for 8 years. I had the opportunity to do rotations with several CRNAs while doing clinicals for the flight service I worked for and knew immediately that it was what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, going back to school meant putting my feet back on the ground... but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction and the sacrifice will be totally worth it.

Anyway... my big question is about organic chem. I tried to take it as an "extra course" because my nursing major does not require it (figuring it would look awesome when I applied to CRNA school), but the study time I was facing was detracting from my primary major (I've so far maintained a 4.0), not to mention it had pushed me to 17 credit hours and I was still working on an ambulance full-time, so I dropped the class two weeks in. I'm almost back to the point where I could take it again, but now I'm worried that I'm too far removed from my general chemistry (I & II) to do well with it.

The programs I'm looking at most don't require org chem, but most encourage it.

What do y'all think? Did it help you? Or did not having it make it a lot harder for you? Did you take "Elementary" Org Chem ("Baby O" as I've heard it called) or the regular course?