Hey All

Ok here is where im totally confused.

I will get the stafford loans for 18500 yearly of course.

Question #1

I have a 2.5 year program, will i get 3X 18,5K ?

Private loans.

I have a few questions here:

- What is a normal interest rate for 2 ppl with excellent credit?
- How much can I get yearly and is that money limited by my school (they decide how much i can recieve)
- Who are the best people to go through and whats are the limitations?

I have already looked into sallie mae and frankly, was disgusted. They were offering me 40K for Prime (currently 8.25%) + 4.5%. That is outrageous. Now when i filled out the app i did not include my wife or her income on it nor as a cosigner. Is that important or not for the rate?

What other options should i be looking into?

Thanks all this is confusing as hell.