So here's the story...
I currently work on an open-heart unit and will be starting CRNA school in AUG. Like many others on this board, I have worked very hard to get to this point in my career.
I just found out today that one of my former co-workers has been accepted into a CRNA program in FL and will also be starting in AUG. Now here's the rub...this former co-worker went through a "new-grad" critical care fellowship last July but did not actually come off of orientation until OCT (< 1 year of critical care). Then he was forced to leave the unit for a "less acute environment" because he was unable to handle the responsibilities of a CVICU. Before leaving the unit, he asked both of my managers if they would write him a recommendation for CRNA school. They both refused, indicating he was in no way ready for that level of responsibility. Well somehow he managed to get an interview and then amazingly was accepted into a program.
I feel very conflicted.
On the one hand, "hey if you get into a program you must be good enough for that program" right? On the other hand I feel like, if this person can get into a program then anyone can get into a program and the whole mystique of SRNA's being the best and brightest is just BS; if you have a reasonable GPA, a GRE around 1000, and money for tuition, You're In!!...I almost feel compelled to email the PD of this specific program and inquire as to just exactly how a brand-new novice RN, with suppar critical care sills like this is actually accepted? But then again maybe it's none of my business and I should leave well enough alone and just be happy for the guy....Would appreciate any thoughts or guidance on this one. Thanks!