Hello everyone.

I actually stumbled on this site by accident while looking for CRNA schools online. I'm fairly new to the search and research dept. of the CRNA profession, but I've come so far, and recently I feel I have travelled without really a clear view in front of me. But finishing nursing school and passing boards was like that too, and getting this job at CICU in Las Vegas has been the same also.

I guess my question is, I don't have a clue where to gain the knowledge that will confirm my aspirations to be a CRNA. Also, I have only met one of your collegues, it was during my OB rotation, she was wonderful, but I spent too little time with her and I don't believe there are very many around. Can I apply to schools without knowing for sure what it will be like to be a CRNA? Also, many people have said that they've taken the CCRN test, what are the benefts to doing that opposed to just fulfilling the minimum requirements?