Would any of the SRNAs or CRNAs out there be willing to critique the rough draft of my goal statement? I would love to hear your impressions of it and if there are areas you think I should elaborate more on or leave out altogether. Please don't worry about editing, as it is a rough draft and needs work in that area (I am going to take it into the english dept if it "passes go"). If you think it is a train wreck let me know. (beware of the cheese factor...lol) I tried to be a little creative and don't know if will be as well received as a more “concise” essay.
I am thick skinned, and this is my beta version 1.0 :eek5: So don't hold back. If you accept, I will PM you with it as well as owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you so much! I respect and appreciate your opinions immensely!

- Em