In 2005 I made the decision to pursue this goal of becoming a CRNA; began working to complete my BSN-which I did through Old Dominion University this spring, then switched to the ICU, leaving my comfort zone in the OR. I took the GRE....did all the stuff I was told to do to make myself a viable candidate.. and it is now paying off. I've only been reading this site for a little while but I love it, great feedback and VERY helpful info. I'm now debating a contract offer from my local Anes. group vs. student loans...both have good aspects to consider.
Anyway, I'm stoked. Still lots to do I know but I'm enjoying the moment.
Also, eventhough I've confirmed my intent to attend Wolford-and put up the $1500.00, downpayment, I'm a Florida Hospital employee so I'm going to go through with my interview there later this month. I figure it is in my best interest to be thourough.
Thanks to all and I look forward to being an active member of this site in the coming years.