OK, Ive just got to say this, and Im sure that its been beat into the ground, but this Student Doctor Network site blows me away. I recently started reading through some of the threads there more for educational purposes. As you are already aware, these people not only put CRNA's right above cockroaches, but also general surgeons, ENT's and so on. Some of these people are completely delusional. I am neither a CRNA or a Medical student, so I feel that I am pretty balanced on my opinion. Some of the best and most intelligent medical professionals that I have ever worked with are CRNA's and in 95% of the cases I would rather have a CRNA working with me as opposed to an MDA. I currently work with 4 cardiovascular surgeons who would eat someone alive if a foul word was even mentioned about their CRNA's. The MDA's on the otherhand come to my unit and gripe and complain about one another and how they dont get any respect from other physicians. Sorry to rant. Im just sitting here in amazement laughing about the things I have read.