I want to know what my chances of really getting into a CRNA program are...

I have currently working in the ICU at the Mayo Clinic for the past two years (since graduating nursing school). I feel that my experience is excellent, heaving exposure to 'pressors, vents, IABP's, open hearts, CRRT, VADs, and organ transplantation.

My biggest concern is my grades. I attended a large public university and ended up with a 3.3 GPA overall. I had to work full time through all of college to pay my way. I think I have excellent leadership skills.

I have yet to take my GRE's nor have I taken my CCRN. I am worried that my grades alone will inhibit me from getting an interview. The vast majority of the threads speak of those with GPA's > 3.5. What do you guys think my odds are?

What can I do to boost my application? Any ideas suggestions?

I have only taken one general chemistry course in college, no physics, no biochem, no genetics so I know this already limits those programs I can apply too...

I appreciate everyone's advice!