Greetings to all,
A recent surgical procedure which involved a conversation with a CRNA prior to induction (while laying on the table of all places!!!waiting for the surgeon to arrive) has reignited an interest in attending a CRNA program. I always had the thought of trying to do it when I was a NYC FF, but upon investigation and conversation with MDA's that I knew realized that the demands and intellectual logistics would be impossible to juggle with my schedule as it were. I always worked per/diem during my career as a FF, I retired in 2003 after 20yrs of service and took some time off to decompress....I'm back in the work force full time as a Hemo RN, which is interesting and fun thus far but as fate has it my prior aspirations have resurfaced as a result of this recent the rub is that I'm a 53yr old guy and I know the road to CRNA is long and arduous and the decision to travel on this path and subject myself to the rigors of training is a decision that I alone can only make for myself.....So my question for feedback is.... will the programs look @ my age as a negative factor to the admission process....will they not consider me a viable candidate??? I am a young 53 (they say that 50 is the new 40..ha ha) vital and capable of working well into the future( I always say that I'll be working til I drop...that's what keeps you young) Now some people might think me crazy for even considering doing this at this point in my life....but I was just wondering what this community thinks about teaching an old dog new tricks to speak. Thanks for your time and input, Regards Triple B