Hey all,
This will be somewhat embarrassing for a first post, but I'm in serious need of some self-discipline skills here. To make a long story short, I was a great high school student and went to college two years early. At that point, I kind of fell apart academically--suffering from lack of motivation and discipline, once I got out of my parents' house.

All in all I managed a 3.1 in a liberal arts degree. I decided to try and ace my ADN degree, but now will be lucky to pull off a 3.6. I've done great in the sciences, but find my lack of experience to really hurt my nursing classes. (Ironically, as a job I serve collection notices for a prominent anesthesia network)

I feel like I've really been busting my hump to pull A's and B's in nursing, when many students working as CNAs seem to pull the A's without effort. At any rate, I was looking for study advice, to really bring up the grades and kick butt in the rest of the program.

What gets you people motivated? Is it the grade, the learning, or competition with other students? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks!