I just wanted to say that I had been using Allnurses for a while and started to realize that the frequent posters seemed to have had disappeared. I found your new site by that site (good hints) and am glad that MmacFN did not vanish as it appeared at first once he was accepted into his school. I've been reading this site for about a month and it is clearly different than the other, in particular there is no "attitude" going on here. I havent read anyone who has asked a question get attacked like what went on over yonder! So, you have a good thing here! Thanks! And this is good, because I need people who want to assume mentorship as I (and others here) approach this endeavor.

I am finishing my BSN and taking the CCRN exam in December. I'll be applying next summer, to get in fall of 2008. My first question has to do with shadowing a CRNA. I have contacted a director at the school, who directed me to the person to whom arranges shadowing. I am wondering when is a good time, and how many times should I shadow with someone. My schedule is busy, but I know that doing this is something that is important prior to application time. I just want opinions on when to really start doing it, and how many experiences I should seek.