Im applying in december and would love any of your opinions on things I am in dire need of . Here is a little info:

-Respiratory therapist for 7 years.......primarily ICU, CVICU, Code Team

-RN in CVICU for 2 Years (Open hearts, Ballon pumps, Swans, vents, ect)

-Worked for GlaxoSmithKlien Pharmaceuticals performing education on Pulmonary function testing to physicians

Worked for a critical care pulmonologist performing PFT's

-Shift coordinator as an RN in CVICU as well as a preceptor for new employees, as well as Rapid Response team.

-Sat on multiple administrative commitees to improve healthcare at my facility in various areas.

Registered Respiratory Therapist, RN, BSN in nursing

3.1 overall in 190 credit hours
3.8 for last 60 credit hours
Getting ready to take GRE
Currently only carry one chem course
Currently Enrolled in Organic Chem and preparing
to take Statistics next semester
Strong interview skills and good undstanding
of Hemodynamics and Ventilator management
as well as the common drugs I use in my unit

References will be from physicians (Cardiovascular surgeon, Director of Anesthesia MDA and Director of Critical Care which is a Pulmonologist. I had two of them offer and and chose this route as opposed to the CRNA reference because most of the CRNA's I work with I have very minimal contact with and a majority of them are locums that I dont know that well.

--What else am I missing or what am I weak in that you guys can see?

The schools that I am interested in are Newman, KU and MSU in Springfield.

I appreciate the comments. Thanks.