I realize that this topic has been discussed numerous times but the more I research the more confused I become. I am enrolled for this fall to attend MSU with an approximate cost of 60K not counting any living expenses. I met with the financial aid officer for my program...what a waste of time!! She told me I was guaranteed the $20,500 per year from Stafford but other than that she had no info.

Obviously the COA for my school will be way more than that but they don't have the exact number for us just yet. I am figuring that I will need around 75k per year to survive and feed the family during school (I don't really plan on having time to eat myself).

The problem is that every single loan I have found, except for Chase (and they only allow $19,500 per year for my program), says they will loan up to the COA minus any other aid.

Does anyone know of any good PRIVATE loans that don't look at COA and will actually loan over that amount if the student needs it??

I have looked at Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo, Sun Trust...all dead ends.
Oh, and by the way...Terri loans are not accepting new applications because of bankruptcy thanks to our economy!!

If any of you all can help...I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!