Hello i know i am very young at looking into this but becoming a crna is very interesting to me. Right now i am a junior in high school and i know that i am going into the medical field somewhere. I havent done the best in all my classes but anything to do with medicine ive done very well at etc. sports med., ems, classes like that. I came across crna's because my mom works at a billing office that bills anesthesia. Yes the first thing that caught my eye was the money but looking into it more ive become very interested. I realized how challenging it was when i asked the question like many, why the heck do they get paid so much for putting someone to sleep. Thats when i realize you bring the person almost to death while they are in surgery. That really interested me because i like a challenge and like figuring anything out that has to do with our bodies. I love working with people and i am very interested in this career. I have been reseaching this for awhile now and am so glad i found this! If any of you have any advice of things i can do to prepare myself or any way to look into this deeper i would really appreciate it!! Thank you!!