I currently work part time (two 12 hour shifts a week) in an SICU (we get everything but the hearts) at a Level One Trauma Center. I tend to pick up a couple of extra shifts a month as well.
I am thinking about going contingent in the Nursing Pool at the same hospital where I would float to the SICU units only. The bonus in my opinion is that I would get additional experience on the CVICU/SICU as well. I would still work the same amount I work now, but I would have the flexibility of contingent scheduling (aka I get to pick the days).

That being said, do you think that your work status (part, full time, contingent) plays a significant role in the application/admission criteria. Should I be wary of doing this? I wanted to get your opinions before I decide to discuss it with the director of admissions at my prospective school. Thank you again!