Hello to all! This is my first post on this forum! I must say that I love these forums dedicated to nurse anesthesia and am so glad that I stumbled upon them. I have been an avid reader on the CRNA and pre CRNA forums on Allnurses and am glad to see so many familiar screen names that I have come to learn so much from over there posting here!! I wondered what had happend to "Big Mac" and why he was not posting anymore over there and I figured he was just so busy after getting accepted into anesthesia school, but since reading "Banned from Allnurses" I have been enlightened! I am not in anesthesia school yet but that is my ultimate goal. I applied to one school last year and was on the alternate list for this Fall but did not get the magical call! I have already re-submitted my application material and have an interview for the same school this Nov. In the last year I have tried to make the best of my work experience (surgical ICU), have taken MSN courses, became PALS certifed (not a requirement for application-just thought it might help!), am waiting to take the CCRN exam, and have spoke to the assistant director of the program for other suggestions that might improve my chances of getting in this time. I know that I must really do well in the interview and I don't know what else to do to prepare for this! I have read every interview thread on this forum! I also think that I have an obessession with anesthesia! I love reading about it, talking to SRNA's and CRNA's about their cases, and researching anesthesia related websites! I want desperately to become an SRNA and learn the art and skill of anesthesia. Again, thanks for these forums! I know I will gain lots of knowledge and support from them!