I know a former CRNA who was fired on the job r/t being suspected of addiction and then failed a drug test. He has been out of the profession for about 2 years now and I think (based on public info) that he may have failed the standard random tests again.

My question is what are the chances that he ever practices anesthesia ever again? Obiously it's a serious offense and warrants firing and suspension. Is there any second/third chances, or in this profession is it one strike and you're D-U-N done?

Also, why are there so many issues with drug abuse in anesthesia? Is it because the job is sooooo stressful? Is it only because the drugs are readily available? Is it simply just a combo of both? Why can some professionals avoid the problem wheras some fall victim to addiction?

I am a pre-SRNA working in the ICU and I never have understood the urge to steal narcs and then use them on yourself. As a floor nurse, there are so many opportunities to syphon away drugs for myself yet I never have. I have even gotten home and found narcs in my scrubs that I brought back the next shift and wasted.