Hi everyone,

I enjoyed reading all the posts, all valuable and important information regarding crna. I have few questions and I need a true opinion from current crna or crna students. I am currently completing my last semester in bachelors of Bio. I was planning to go med-school initially, but due to personal reasons I have changed my study track. After discovering this forum and after spending about a week or so planning about my future, I am really keen to pursue my future towards crna. I dont have RN or BSN or ADN since I wasn;t on nursing track. However, I will have BA in Bio with 3.2 gpa. What is the best way to get rn or bsn degree quickly? Do I have to repeat all 4 years in order to get my BSN or is there anyway I can reduce my years and get RN which in the future helps me to apply for CRNA programs? Any suggestions regarding this would really help me. Thanks.