89 y/o Male in for elective THA Right. 70 kg Pain getting worse. Hx of CHF recent (Chemical Not sure what drug used)Stress test - ischemia EF 30% Mod MR. HTN CAD Diabetes, BS on preadmission 130. Parkinsons Arthritis. Sx History Left and RIght TKA, Stent to LAD. ICD Hernia repair. Na 142 K 4.6 CL 106 Co2 30 BUN 28 Cr 1.0. PTT 31 INR 1,12 WBC 7 H/H 14.2/40.5 Plt 213. Mes Sinemet Remeron Diovan Ecotrin Aricept Zocor. CXR OK, and EKG shows a LBBB with a 1st degree AVB.
On pre op admission, Patient is in a curled sitting position, and cannot lay flat (pain in back No SOB). LS Clear No Obvious Edema. MP 3 TMD 3 fb's Neck ROM cannot look up without getting dizzy. Where would you start and end Up. I just want to see others opinions.