Hi everyone, first I want to say I really enjoy this forum, it has given me invaluable information on my journey to becoming a crna. every time the road towards my goal gets too rough I come to this site and it helps me see others who are headed in the same direction or have already made it, and it reminds me that my goal isnít unattainable.
so with all the combined experiences here I was hoping for some advice. I am 28 married and a mother of 3 I attend school fulltime. I have been working on my preq's for the rn program...I will have these completed this semester and have already applied to the rn program. its a 2 year program after I complete that I could then work and pursue my BSN.....the dilemma....money is tight....I have already been in school for awhile...there is another school that has an LVN program....if I were to go for my LVN I would be finished by next summer....I heard of a school online that has a program LVN to BSN.. from Indiana State University http://www.college-net.com/downloads...02.pdf.....and was wondering if this is accepted by CRNA schools and would they look down on this. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.