Hello everyone:hello: ,
I just graduated in nursing school in May and have been working in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio for the past 6 months. I became interested in becoming a CRNA after shadowing my uncle who is an Anesthesiologist. I was also extremely attracted to the advanced critical care that the anesthesia team provides at the medical center that I work in.
Throughout nursing school I had heard of the CRNA profession but it never really grabbed my interest because our exposure to CRNAs was minimal. It feels like I have gone through every college’s website that offers the masters in anesthesia just to soak up all the information I can. I realize that admission is extremely competitive into any of the 108 schools and I hope that you can share some advice that will help make my application more appealing and eye catching. I graduated with a 3.2 grade point average. I realize that my gpa is average at best and wish that I could go back and put just that much more effort into my studies. I have read a number of threads on this site and it seems like alot of people have been preparing for graduate school since their freshman year. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my college years and because of athletic commitments and a decent social life my grades suffered at sometimes. Knowing that I can not change the past I was interested in knowing what courses I should take in order to make up for my sub par grades. I do plan on retaking those few courses which I failed to shine in and would also like to focus my time on adding a few courses which will better prepare me for graduate school.
My plan is to start applying to schools in the fall of 2010 or 2011. In the unit I work in I probably will not achieve all the requires for equipment like CVVH and Heartmate until 2 and a half years in, so I really am in no rush to flee back to school. During this time I plan to obtain my CCRN and take courses that will prove my worthiness to graduate programs. I know that 2010 is very far but it is never too early to get organized. Reading how passionate the CRNAs are on this site has fueled my pursuit to become a CRNA. I am grateful for your time and hope that you can shed as much advice on me as possible.