I have not yet gone to nursing school. I have a BA in psychology with a high GPA (xxxx) and was planning on doing a one year RN program. I am applying to one that starts soon and have the option of testing out of missing undergrad coursework (A&P 1+2 and Microbiology). My question here revolves around the significance of testing out of these classes in order to get into nursing school when (if) I apply to an anaestheisa program in the future (following at least one year of ICU). Will it adversely affect my application? I have taken G CHem I and II, O Chem I, Intro M Bio, Biopsyc, etc... no physics yet.

Another question revolves around the only anaesthisia entry program I have found that one can gain admission to pre-BSN/RN... Columbia. There are more prerequisites for this program and the deadline is in November I think... conversely, if I was to apply to this program I could take A+P and Microbio (and physics) as regular courses (summer too).

My GRE score is >= xxxxxxx...

Any advice as to how I should maneuver my way through this? Oh, I took the GRE April 20xx... it will be 5 years old in April 20xx... some programs may not like old scores, some dont seem to care...