I was wondering what everyone here has encountered in terms of "unlearning" bad habits once in school. I've read before awhile back, I'll have to admit it was at AllNazi's.com, that most of the time CRNA instructors have to help students break bad habits they formed in the ICU.

Is this true from your experience?

If so, what are some of these habits?

Is it just that an SRNA will want to do ICU-type interventions on an acute OR patient when in fact other/better interventions are called for? Or is the SRNA truly misinformed and making a mistake, or at least a less than optimal intervention?

I totally see how ICU prepares the prospective CRNA, but I also realize that there is a significant difference in the practices as well. I'd love to learn some of these things and begin researching into the reasons why it should be done this way vs that way, and apply that as an ICU RN. I know I've seen a difference between the ICU's I've worked at, with the rationale being "That's just how we do it, That's what we've always been taught, etc" I hate that unsubstantiated reasoning, especially when I read things that have solid evidence to the contrary. :hmmmm: :aargh4:

This should be interesting either way!