I have a little dilemma on my hands.

I have been accepted to OHSU for this fall. I have also been invited to an an interview at University of Miami in April.

I am trying to decide if I should even take the time and money to travel to Miami for the interview. I currently live in San Diego (on a travel assignment), so would be a $500-$1000 dollar venture.

The locations couldn't be more opposite, but I would enjoy Oregon's wilderness just as I would enjoy Miami's sun and beaches.

I realize that both of these schools are fairly new, but I do know that all of Miami's first graduating class passed boards.

One large factor is the cost of the programs. OHSU costs $70,000 just for tuition, while Miami is about $50,000 which includes most fees.

OHSU involves a large amount of traveling for clinical (all around Oregon, Washington state, and even one in Tampa, FL!) I do not know how much traveling is involved with Miami's program.

OHSU's class size in only 12, while I think Miami's is around 25.

The cost of living is Coral Gables is quite high, while the cost of living in Portland would be somewhat cheaper.

Lastly, Miami is closer to my home, friends, and family in Louisiana.

Those are some of the factors may weigh in on my decision.

It should also be noted that I purposefully chose these programs in order to see and experience other parts of the country. If I wanted a cheap program that was close to home I would have applied to LSU.

Any advice would be appreciated.