I am new to this board, and grateful for it's existence. I enjoy reading and soaking up the advice offered. It's great to have some assistance in reaching our dreams. So, for anyone who can offer me a little advice, I thank you in advance.

Here's were I am at...
I graduate in May 08, and I am wanting to apply now for RN positions and prepare to begin work in late May. I am uncertain of being a new grad and jumping right into the SICU setting, however, I want to make the most of the next year and a half of my nursing career. Do I start out medsurg, cardiac stepdown, etc? Or do I apply now for an SICU position, and with a program offering appropriate orientation phase, jump on board? If you rec. that I start out somewhere other than SICU for a new grad, could you please offer those areas of suggesstion?

I just don't have the answers, and I read how you all help people with their uncertainties. I could really use your advice right now.

Help me stay on track with my career goals - that would be to acquire my BSN and work on CC experience over the next 2 years, with focus of applying for a CRNA program.

For those of you giving your time to mentor, thank you, may you be blessed for your acts of kindness.

Life is short, and I want to acheive my goals. I am trying to structure the upcoming months/year so that I am in a position to get the experience needed to apply for CRNA school.

Have a blessed day, all!