hi all, as of now i have applied to 2 crna program, the only thing pending is the "dreaded" gre examination.. i have never taken the gre and i'm scared as heck to take the darn thing.. i actually attended the power score gre review class only to find out how much i didn't know, especially in the math part lol.. last time i've seen those type of problems was way back in college and highschool, stuff that i have forgotten, locked up, and pretty much thrown away well anyways, of the two colleges that i've applied for, one specifically requires "atleast" 1000 cumulative, the other one only states "satisfactory score".. what is a satisfactory score anyways ? i'm going to schedule to take the test early next month, the computer based one, because the program requires atleast an unofficial score by may 1 and june 1 ..does anyone here have any advice on how to prepare for the gre ? does it really make a difference in their selection of students ? thanks all ..john b