So, I have only posted here once before. I am considering CRNA school but have to finish up my ADN in December, work on a critical care unit, get my BSN, take my GRE, etc., etc. I have a long road ahead of me!

Since I will graduating in Dec. with my ADN, the time is quickly approaching for me to decide where I will be working. I am highly interested in working on a PICU because I enjoy working with kids however, I am concerned that schools I apply to for CRNA school would not consider this the critical care experience they are looking for. I do not want my work experience to limit me to any certain school but feel drawn to possibly work as pediatric CRNA, therefore, I feel like the more practice I have in peds, the better. Would I be better off to bite the bullet and apply to a good ole' ICU floor and scratch the PICU idea to open up options of CRNA schools or do the majority of schools accept PICU as good critical care experience?

Again, this may be a silly question but, I have not really decided on CRNA school and don't know when my decision will be final as it is a few years away. I also can't begin to know where I will try to apply, therefore, since I will be getting a job in the near future, I don't really want to limit myself or close myself off anyway. I have heard that many schools do not accept NICU and was wondering if this also applied to PICU. I just need a little guidance with the job hunt coming up and how best to gear myself. If I do decide to apply in the next few years, and have spent my time on PICU and find that many schools do not accept PICU experience, I think I will be frustrated when I could have gone in the direction of ICU at the beginning. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for any insight! Love this site, by the way. You all are great!