So I am considering a career as a nurse anesthetist. A little bit about my background:

I have been a paramedic for five years. I have been functioning as a critical care paramedic for three years, two of them in a Level 1 trauma center and one in the field as critical care transport. Now when I say functioning I mean a paramedic's full scope of practice including intubation and rapid sequence induction. I thoroughly enjoy caring for critical patients especially ones that are on ventilators / sedated / etc... There's just something about the type of thinking one has to do (adjusting sedation levels, monitoring cardiac output via CO2 and adjusting vent settings to maintain certain homeostatic values, etc...) that I find intellectually stimulating and challenging. It truly is *FUN* to me. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology with minor in Chemistry (3.3 gpa counting that alone, factor in relevant classes I took after graduation and it is 3.5).

I got into medical school but decided not to go for several reasons I won't go into. But, needless to say I am looking at my other options. At one point I was considering PA school however when I found that there were very few PA's practicing in anesthesia and it was hard for them to (I think because of state laws and other legal matters) it really turned me off to it.

So that leaves me where I am currently...I am looking into bridging my paramedic into RN (it is a very short program) and working in an ICU (I would absolutely have to work in an ICU or I would be bored) for however long it took to get into CRNA school...however realistically I was thinking at least 2-3 years before I start applying. The hospital I plan to work as an RN for was where I worked as a paramedic and has an excellent neuro ICU (I enjoyed working with the staff and in the ICU as a paramedic) which would be at the top of my list. This hospital also happens to have one of the best CRNA programs in the nation. So I'm sure I could network really well there...

Why shouldn't I go to CRNA school? I think I have a pretty good grasp on the type of schooling and the job description. It is definitely interesting to me and I think would suit my personality and style of thinking. What are any caveats? I'm already aware that I probably have to retrain my brain into caring for a patient as a nurse vs. a paramedic, but I'm ready for it. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

What is the general consensus on flight RN programs not consider that acute care (even though it actually is?) ? Oh, by the way I'm a male if that makes any difference in getting into school.