Out of high school my plan was to become an anesthesiologist. I looked at the possible income and the field interested me. I let my dad talk me out of it b/c of the school commitment and the responsibility MDA's have (people's lives are in your hands). I learned about CRNA's about a year or two afterwards, but at the time I didn't want to move away from home just yet.

Well I have moved over to the IT world and in this part of the country it isn't doing much...I work at a 2yr community college where the benefit package is great but the salary is low.

The other week I found out a fella that I knew was going through a CRNA program and got to thinking that I would like to do this. The fella's fiance works at the college I work at and I have been discussing my interest in field with her, and she has been very informative. She is arranging a meet w/ him and a few of the CRNA's @ the local hospital so I can talk to them.

Well I've been researching RN and CRNA stuff since then. Its scary and exciting thinking that I may actually make this change. I'm not going to start on my pre-reqs until after shadowing the CRNA's.

So, I'll be snooping around for a while to try to learn some things. Just wanted to introduce myself.