First off I just want to thank EVERYONE on this site... what a great resource this has been and will continue to be as I embark on this amazing career! I hope I can give back as much to this site as I've received.

So I'm in at Samuel Merritt in Oakland and I also got accepted to USC! I am a lucky woman. And now I have 9 days to decide which program.

Samuel Merritt - Class size 25, Masters in Nursing, awesome sim lab, 27 months, 56 units, many many clinical sites, cheaper rent in Oakland than in LA. Cost of program similar to USC.
Family lives in Bay Area

USC - Class of 16, Masters in Nurse Anesthesiology - more science based, more expensive rent, fewer clinical sites, 24 months, 45 units
Friends/established life here in LA

I know both programs are excellent, but aside from some of the stats regarding each program... Are there students out there that can share their insight and opinions and experiences?

Best to you all!