Hello all
I am a 29y/o NICU nurse. I just moved to Georgia bought a new house. I am married with 4 kids and a supportive husband. I have Med/Surg experience 1 year, Labor and Delivery experience 2 years, SICU/MICU experience 2 years and I am currently going into my 3rd year of NICU. I have moved around trying to find my niche. I am not a happy RN in the NICU. I do not feel fulfilled. When I moved from NY to Georgia the nursing here is a bit different especially in the autonomy. I wanted to become a CRNA from the first day I saw one when I was on the L&D unit. This is why I went to the MICU. My problem was timing. I then in turn got married and started having kids so the timing was off. Long story short. Is this a fulfilling job. My personality is that I love the adrenaline of a code. I work great under pressure. I am an extremely quick learner and I am a sponge show me once and I got it. I am the first person at the code if I am not pushing a med I am doing compressions. I love inserting lines I am waiting for the classes to take my PICC insertion certificate. I love learning new things and the feeling of helping someone. Instant gratification is what makes me happy. I just pray that my personality reflects what is needed in a CRNA if not I think I am going to get out of nursing. I know bedside nursing is not for me and NP (no offense) is not my cup of tea either and please lets not get into nurse adminstration. I just would like to hear from others if they think my personality traits would fit the traits of a CRNA.

My BSN GPA is 3.4. My science in nursing included An A in A&P I an B+ in A&P II , A in Micro, A in Chem I am working on preparing for my GRE. I welcome the advice from all. I just want a fulfilling job that I feel my experience,skills, knowledge are used to the best of their ability. Sorry for the long post just feeling frustrated in the world of nursing.