Hello all,

I am a new user but a long time observer. The information in this site has been invaluable in my quest to becoming a CRNA.
My question is with regards to a "not so hot" GRE score.
My situation:
34 yo female with 3 children and a very supportive husband
Associates GPA 3.6
BSN from ECU GPA 3.4
GRE 930
CTSU 1 year
SICU/Trauma 5 years
ACLS,PALS, TNCC, will be taking CCRN May 9
excellent references from MD(director), manager, supervisor, CRNA, collegues, online teacher from ECU.

I am applying to ECU only. It is the best fit for myself and my family. I was hoping that I will have an advantage b/c I did my undergrad degree there. I am just very worried about the GRE score. The magic number for the school is 1000, althogh I know 2 people that have gotten accepted with scores similar to mine.
Should I go for it and apply or retake the GRE first.

I would appreciate any advice.