I am in private practice in an office setting doing anesthesia for a group of plastic surgeons. This would be a typical day for me. However, there are not many typical days in an anestheia practice, so we learn to adapt.

Night Before
call patients, review history, remind them to be NPO and to take their regular a.m. meds, if necessary

Surgery Day
Set up anesthesia machine, suction, airways equipment and meds
Review patient's chart
Have patient sign anesthesia consent
Review discharge arrangements
Administer anesthesia
Transport patient to PACU and transfer to RN care
Clean up anesthesia equipment and prepare for next case

Repeat above, per schedule

No coffee breaks, lunch breaks (except between cases) or relief

Stay until all patients are discharged

Collect money for day

Check schedule for following day

Extra Duties
Inventory and order anesthesia supplies
Troubleshoot equipment
Anesthesia QA
Make nice with office staff (they are important to your practice)
Read current anesthesia journals

Check Nurse-anesthesia.org for interesting posts

This is a different type of practice than hospital anesthesia. I work alone--no other anesthesia professional, so I rely on my nurses to help me with induction.

Since I am in my own business, professionalism is very important. I wear business clothes to work, treat my patients very well, respect my co-workers and try to make the environment fun and enjoyable for everyone. It works--I have had the same group of nurses working for us, for over 15 years. Everyone loves to come to work. Of course, it helps to work with very good surgeons.

I will probably think of more later.