How many people have experienced brain-fog during their shifts? I'm still in the ICU and find that after about 9/10ish hours into my shift I start to slow down. The mornings are great: I'm clear headed, focused, ready for reporting with integrated Rounds, I have a plan for my patient and flow of the day, and I'm looking up info I don't have the answers to,etc... It seems like towards the end of the shift I get a feeling I can only describe as brain-fog. I don't get confused or make mistakes or anything, but I just feel worn out and not as sharp.

I am wondering from an SRNA's perspective if you had ever experienced this, and if this happens while in both the didactic and clinical portions of schooling? Is it different once your in a differnt environment/role? I want to bust my butt and be a machine once I start school, but this would get in the way. Any recommendations on how to get past this or increase mental endurance?