I am new here. Twenty five year old father of three. Sole bread winner or loan winner.
I am taking pre-reqs for BSN with a SOLID goal of becoming a CRNA.
The knot in my stomach is why I am here.
Will I be able to afford a $250,000 loan that is consolidated for 30 years with a CRNA salary?
I had a stable job with the fire department when I realized that I would retire at half of my "then" salary of under 50k. I decided it is time to get on the ball with my education. I quit on Jan 13th (my birthday) and started school on Jan 15th. I am three semesters into my pre-reqs and I honestly enjoy it although my gpa is only 3.3 currently. It is getting better as my study habits are improved and I learn to balance family and school. I have calculated and budgeted out until the end of BSN and adding into the equation CRNA my loans will be around $250,000. This is not pinpointed but I have added quite a bit for unexpected expenses.
I have lost sleep, almost ruined a marriage, failed tests, and more because of the guilt and worry of this loan coming back in the future.
I have been told by my brother-in-law who is in business that this seems like a solid investment as a business man because of the payback in the long run.
Should I be worried? When I hear the other students complaing about their 2k loans I tend to get nervous. This has actually ruined a test for me as I could not overcome the worrying before the test was in front of me.
Thank you for your help and I apologize for the rambling.

Side question:
Is the VA a good option for attending CRNA school.
I called and talked to the HR dep. She mentioned that if I show
interest as a BSN they might send me to Macon,GA and pay expenses. I cannot find any other information relating to what she told me.