I want my application to be competitive. I only had to take one chemistry in undergrad. I got an A. Micro A, A &P I- A, A&PII- B, Microbiology A, Health Assessment B- and Psychological statistics A. I ended undergrad with a 3.38. I have done 2 years SICU/ MICU. I have done 2 years labor and delivery and I am coming up on 2 NICU. I was wondering if maybe I should do a biochemistry online class to be a little more competitive since my GPA is not as high as others. I want to apply for the incoming 2009 class. Any suggestions on any online classes. I am also looking to apply to both programs in georgia. I still have to take the GRE so I just started to study for them. Any advice would be great.

What are my chances of getting in or should I try to bring up my GPA with more classes.